Seems like a good excuse to Me

Just last night in my first class (creative lighting in photography...I'm psyched) the instructor was talking about how Boston is the fastest city in the world based on people's walking speed, number of times people check their watch, and some other weird things that had me head-tilting like a puppy a little. I mean, OK, I certainly move at the speed of light but based on the number of times I get stuck behind people, the rest of Boston does NOT. His point was this: Photography is about what you SEE. So we're all going to have to learn to slow down and LOOK around. I might prove to be his most stubborn student, in just that. He said some other stuff about how this class is going to blow all of our perceptions about "how light actually works" out of the water, but come on, dude, I work with lasers and in the Solar Industry. I could probably teach him about how light really works.

And getting off the plane this morning in Milwaukee, almost all the way in the back, with ONLY carry on luggage (oh my god, Paulie, you'd be so proud of me. It ALL fits in my messenger bag, but I brought my backpack just for kicks anyway) and Benny Benassi making love to my ears, I may or may not have blatantly cut off two ladies with strollers, some old people, and a bunch of young people with rolling suitcases. And, if like my instructor suggested, someone just asked me "What's the hurry?" my answer would be "BECAUSE THAT'S THE BEAT OF THE MUSIC AND I STILL CAN! NOW GET OUT OF THE WAY!"

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