Maybe I'll Start Selling My Eggs

I am trying to maintain as much of my savings as humanly possible right now (and for the last several weeks) to pay the closing costs on THE HOUSE I'M BUYING THIS MONTH. However, the stars have aligned against me and I find myself wheedling away at that pot in the most infuriating ways:

My windshield broke FOR THE FOURTH TIME SINCE I'VE OWNED THE CAR. A rock hit it. FML. And I need new tires. However, these are things that I haven't actually done anything about yet, but the costs are pressing. Insurance will be due in November, as well.

My fish tank developed a crack in its base this weekend when some construction accident in the building shook my wall enough to break the tank and it's light bulb, and knock several pictures off the wall. (This has a plus side to it - I got a new, smaller tank that will be much easier to move when the time comes)

I ran out of blood sugar monitors.

I am going to Germany on a work trip. I'm not sure how this whole "expensing" thing works but my credit card is definitely going to take a hit. I already had to pay for the conference registration...

Paul's birthday present went on sale, and I couldn't pass up on that. Even though his birthday is not for another three months.

My bi-annual payment to the chumps who run the World of Warcraft server is due.

And last week, the main logic board on my computer fried itself. And the computer was only like 2 months out of warranty or something like that...

Either the universe doesn't want me to be a homeowner or it wants me to go completely bankrupt in the process. I'm pushing for the latter. I want my own washer and dryer!!

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