New, Improved Maxwell

I don't think I ever posted about this, but a couple months ago, Max (Remember? Big fuzzy guy? REAL big?) presented with a really aggressive type of skin cancer under his gums that looked like brains bubbling up behind his teeth. It was really creepy. At first we thought it might just be an infection from eating bones of roadkill, but alas... They surgically removed it a few times at the local vet, but it kept growing back. Why? Because its cancer and it does whatever the fuck it wants with no rhyme or reason. I hate cancer.

Earlier this week, Dad drove down to the Univ. of Wisco animal hospital where they admitted Mashmash and poked and probed and CT scanned him, and then removed the front part of his lower jaw, and 6 of his teeth. This was the preferred method of treatment, since chemo or radiation can have unexpected long term effects. This way, he may have trouble getting the food into his mouth, but he can still chew it once its in there (also, NO MORE CANCER). I mean, he was slobbery before, but now he physically cannot keep his tongue inside his mouth. Dad sent this picture yesterday when picking him up, "Max: the Shortened Version." It looks so silly, but he's still a happy dog, AND he'll make it to this Christmas, and hopefully several to come!
Moral of the story? Wear your sunscreen. And for the Love of God, don't ever get a dog. Too many bad things can happen.

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