Maisy, Meet your Uncle Max

Look at that sliiiiiime on the eeeeears!!!! Grooooooooss!
They had such a blast together, running, chasing, drooling, stealing food, etc. that Max was sad to leave after the Holidays were over. Probably for the better, since they're just impossible to leash at the same time and at one point Maisy did run away from him out into the street and got hit by a car...* She's completely fine, but now I know what it means to give a dog "fluids." The doctors take IV fluid and fill the scruff of the dog's neck with it, so the dog looks effectively like Qasimodo, and then feels like Jell-O when you pet her.

*In Maisy's defense, the idiot driver was doing 35. up a residential hill. on a dead end road.

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Two happy puppies!