Massive Panic

So there's this THING I've been doing at work, for the last, I don't know, about 18 months. And I've been laying the groundwork for it very heavily in the last few months (hiring the appropriate contractors, ordering processing resources, cleaning, pushing around little pieces of paper on a scale model I cut out trying to make sure we have space for it in the lab, fighting off the people telling me to get my crates housing fragile components which are blocking egress out of the hallway, pushing the schedule back because of UL compliance failure, etc) and it was all supposed to come to fruition YESTERDAY. The company engineers were supposed to come out from California, and do the "installation" of the equipment that we ordered over 8 months ago, and arrived over 2 months ago. I'm not sure what you'd call what I've been doing for the last 18 months, but it wasn't "installation," apparently. I did one final mopping of the cleanroom on Sunday to get ready for it.

And they didn't show. I called at 9:30am EST to ask when we were getting started and they -being in California- woke up, answered the phone, and told me "I'm not scheduled." Apparently the customer service team and the technical support team don't talk. I sat at my desk shaking for two hours before I finally got a callback from my friend at customer service. They're coming next Monday, instead. Promise. Which is not bad, but I was freaked out enough that I started writing a blog post about it, my first in months. The boss is out of town all week, and it would have been ideal to have this finished by the time he got back. I'm still dreading his angry email asking what I did to make the wheels come off the bus.

This company is supposed to be renowned for their post-purchase service and attentiveness. I'm not saying I'm disappointed, yet, but they have until next Wednesday to redeem themselves. They're also used to selling to better staffed labs, or industrial manufacturing plants where people actually know what they're doing with semiconductor processing equipment, not some poor recent college grad whose never even seen one of these things before. (me)

As an aside, it seems that level of stress is great for my insulin's efficacy. I woke up around 6am today with blood sugar values in the 20's.


Unknown said...


maybe you should eat more cookies when you are stressed out. Jesum thats scary. Hope it all works out.

Unknown said...

Thank God you woke up, with your blood sugar in the 20's. I thought it was chocolate or ice cream for stress...