This weekend was the school's Winter Carnival - or the "big party weekend" that happens every winter term. Classes are even cancelled on friday. That's a HUGE deal. So what did I do? I went to New York City. Heck yes. I got as far away from the big party weekend as a 5 hour drive would take me. Where did I go? Here. And it was amazing. James Zabiela is pretty much The Man as far as techno DJ's go.

I tried to recruit others and form a "party group" but apparently leaving Dartmouth is scary and Andrew and I are the only ones with enough guts to do it.** Especially on a "big party weekend." I did manage to round up a few '06 friends close to the city who stood in line for an hour in 20-degree weather with us before paying a $30 cover charge and getting hit on by people who didn't speak English while listening to music they didn't feel comfortable classifying as "music." I, however, had a fantastic time. The place was immaculately clean and the people were good-natured and yes, we paid $15 for two tiny Tequila shots, but Zabiela rocked my world and the dancing girl in the cage dressed as a half-naked white tiger turned me on. This is me turned on:

**Erin has guts, but she's not 21, yet.

Today I learned that "a few drinks with friends" is a poor idea 2 hours before electronics lab.

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