Further proof that assholery merits good grades

This is too good not to share. Two weeks ago I took a quiz for my Environmental Studies class. (No, I'm not joking. Its a graduation "distributive requirement".) These quizzes happen throughout the term and pick out the most minute, arbitrary details of each novel we had to read and each lecture we sat through. WERE YOU PAYING ATTENTION??? GOOD! BECAUSE I THOUGHT FOR A SECOND THERE YOU WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION! For instance: in order to better understand a book we read in class, you must have read this book we didn't have to read in class - what is the name of the book we didn't have to read of which I dropped the title ONE TIME?

Anyway one of the questions was "In Prof X's lecture last Friday he mentioned three American Intellectual traditions that support particular ethical orientations toward nature. Name two of the three." Great. One of the 4 classes I skipped all term. There's a typo, though. Class was cancelled last Friday and they meant the lecture from Thursday. So I write "We didn't have class last Friday" because I don't have a clue what the guy said. Somebody has to pull the curve down....

I got that quiz back today. To my extreme hilarity, I got full credit with the comment "That's not the answer, but you get the points for pointing out our mistake!" Booyah.

Today I learned that some people take the blue screen of death way too seriously. As in - if they see a large area of Royal Blue anywhere near them (like, from a powerpoint slide) they start to panic.

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Anonymous said...

Today I learned that the boyscouts are hardcore.