Ice Cream Pet Peeve

Is it just me or does it SUCK when someone gets himself a big glass of ice cream and offers you some but you're still digesting dinner and a big glass of ice cream seems really ambitious so you decline but then they hand you the glass to hold while they drive so you taste it and its good so you have another taste and they accuse you of lying when you said you didn't want any? Is it just me or is it even worse when you then have to fight them to get them to take back the big glass of ice cream because, really, all you wanted was a taste and NO you didn't want the glass of ice cream that they'd gotten for themself, and then they take it back and when you see them again 5 minutes later they hand you the empty glass when you could have gone for another taste before they finished it off? Hypothetically, of course.

I think its time to go see the vending machine.

Today I learned that I'm kind of an aunt. Like, through blood and not just through marriage. The first daughter of my second cousin or my first cousin once removed (however your tree branches) was born last night. Congratulations to my generation for making it to the next step: NOT the youngest. And more congratulations to her and her family. Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree ... people who don't understand the concept of just wanting a taste should really learn!

Allie said...

Seriously!! Its not like I was being all Ano and not eating my own food and just wanting "just a bite"!! I stuffed my face at dinner, but ice cream tastes delicious even thought I was full!