List of the exciting things I'm doing in my time without classes:

done - buy a TV for all the free time I'm going to have next term to play XBOX. buy a motorcycle helmet for all the free time I have to ride my motorcycle. cure Andrew of the flu. discover I can't afford a nice apartment. [help] wash every article of clothing that Andrew owns. find a new purse to dream about. drop my computer twice and make my spacebar no longer work. decide I'm taking 4 engineering courses during my senior spring.

not done - actually find an apartment. get my stuff out of Dad's house before he moves to Wisconsin next week. use my portfolio to get an internship for the summer. build my portfolio. taxes. preliminary thesis research. go snowboarding. go to Aruba.

That last one is actually from my long term to-do list and sadly not happening anytime in the next week.

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