Master Chefs

SO.....I went to Connecticut to go to a wild party (pun fully intended) and visit the fam. This afternoon, after the kids and I got tired of throwing sticks in the driveway, digging in the frozen sand pit in the backyard and throwing leftover slush at each other, I started hassling people on the internet while they wrote recipes.If you look closely, in the "Pizza" recipe, you will note several ingredients that are entirely inappropriate in pizza, or in any food for that matter. To name a few: bronchitis, tonka truck (just one), and Cialis(is). Just look. The dog biscuits are nice, too. My angel of a little sister suggested that we actually make them. She didn't take well to my suggestion of putting dirt or bacon bits in them, but she liked the cow lard. Who knew?

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Gemma said...

Wait. You don't put bronchitis in your pizza? Or tonka trucks? You obviously have not been going to the correct pizza places.
You are the crazy one!