Added Bonus!

Before MacDaddy was up and running again, they decided to give him a nose job as long as they had the knife there... And by that I mean, they accidentally upgraded him to OSX Tiger! Now I have widgets! Glorious Widgets like Dictionary, Weather, Translator, Stickies AND SUDOKU!!

I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten upset because I forgot my TI-89, and needed to perform some math calculation, and had to do it by digging "calculator" out of the applications folder. Now I just press F12 and BAM! ...a calculator! And I forget the TI less...

What I've also managed to do is finally figure out how to use bluetooth to get the pictures off my phone. Just LOOK at these treasures!!
I know what you're thinking and yes that is Jordan of New Found Glory.

Happy Day. Also, please do not comment on my to-do list. No to-do list will ever beat the one Bethy found that included "buy new wooden dowel."

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