Digital Surgery

This past weekend, my blitzmail program stopped opening. Whatever. Stupid program anyway, and who actually uses blitz?

Then my mom, sister and stepdad came up for dinner (surprised me) and brought me back my motorcycle helmet. This is good, because now when I crash and kill myself, I can do it safely. I wanted to show them the portfolio I've been working on, so I tried to open it on my computer, but now powerpoint doesn't work either. ....OH NO DEY DI-N'T!!

At 10 this morning I brought my MacDaddy into the Student Computing Help Desk. We tried several little pokey methods of troubleshooting, checked all his vital signs, and then decided that I needed to bring him back for "Archive and Install" after class. This is a non-invasive procedure and it should be an easy fix, it just takes "about 45 minutes."

Archive-n-Install goes poorly. They boot up the "Disk Doctor" and my sweet little G4 is diagnosed with "Major Problems." I am actually not joking. The screen came up after the scan and said "Major Problems Found" and that was all. Then I have to leave for lab. The help guy tells me to either bring back my iPod or go buy an external hard drive, because MacDaddy is going under the knife if I want him to get better.

After lab, I take MacDaddy on a scenic drive to WestLeb to buy him an external hard drive because its been on my to do list. We share a tuna sandwich and call to break the news to my family. After backing up all things that are back-up-able, we lay the poor little guy out on the table with his cords and wires hanging every which way and proceed to erase his entire hard drive and re-install OSX. They used a general anesthetic, so he won't feel a thing. I just hope he doesn't stay groggy long after, because I need him.

The disk is currently "Installing Base System Part 1" and I'm feeling very anxious. We have been here for a total of 5 1/2 hours, and it will be at least another hour. The blood and guts are everywhere. Wish him a speedy recovery.

And wish me good luck on the midterm tomorrow and the other one the next day that I have now totally neglected.

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