The Sky is Falling!!

So Sunday evening rolled around and I'd almost had an uneventful weekend but then the Town of Hanover saved the day. By breaking. The entire town had NO water. At all. None. Not even that little bit that stays in the pipes when the water shuts off. The municipal pump had broken so there was no water AND no pressure.

I called Andrew to let him know. He was grateful. And then we hung up. About 5 minutes later he called back, asking if I wanted anything from FoodStop.

"Some dinner food would be great."

"I meant along the lines of water. I'm going to stock up and get a couple gallons of water. How long do you think this is going to last?"

"Are you serious?"

"Water is important! It could be days!"

"Ok, sure, it could be days, but just our town is out. Just get a gallon. You won't drink more than a gallon overnight and it will probably be fixed by tomorrow. If it still isn't up, you can go to the co-op tomorrow and get water. And if there's no water in Leb, either, then we can go spend a few days in Manchester. No. Big. Deal."

"Man, there are a lot of people here. I BET THEY'RE ALL BUYING WATER!"

"Well if they are, tell me what they look like. So I can avoid them. Because they're THE CRAZY ONES."

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