Caring Young Gentlemen

As I'm washing my feet last night in one of the showers on my floor, my neighbor, Ann, steps out of the WC in her towel and moves toward the other shower. I note the GIGANTIC BRUISE on her shoulder and ask what its from. She says it showed up right after she got her third of a 3-series vaccine in that exact spot. We speak for a few minutes about how weird that is and possibilities why that vaccine made her bruise and not the other ones.

She mentions at some point that it is a good thing James (her VERY significant other) is not here because he would freak out and insist she disclose to him the name of the person who abuses her in his absence. James is in California. We all miss him, but we understand. It is, after all, California.

Not five minutes later, Andrew comes over and the gym shorts I'm wearing slide up to reveal a bruise of my own on my thigh which I obtained while moving EVERYTHING my father owns into storage last Thursday (its a wonder that's the only one I got). He points at the bruise and yells "WHO BEATS YOU!?!?!"

Mentality of the White Man: there should always be someone to beat up for something.

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Allie said...

Its difficult to get both one's thigh and one's face in a picture together.