Some Uncool Kids

So its Green Key Weekend, and no one is entirely sure what that means - Green Key - but its Dartmouth's Spring Term Big Party Weekend. I hung out for a total of 3.47 hours. I'm probably going to fail a class, now. I think the t-shirt being sold earlier in the week (designed in part by my dear hombre blanco) sums up the sentiment: "Hang Out. For No Reason." In any case tons of alumni, friends, family members, bands, the trustees, and random townies come hang out from Thursday to Monday. Some cool kids hang out, too. See: two of my favorite people, ever, in the same picture. Taking tequila shots. *heart* you kids.

Now, the Uncool Kids. Of whom I have no pictures to share. The first Uncool Kid is from a story I heard from the guy working the register at foodstop during my midnight quest to feed a hungry white man. He asked us when Green Key was over so that he could stop worrying about kids trying to steal things, like the kid who stuffed his sweatshirt with $25 worth of junk food and tried to sneak out of the store when the guy wasn't looking, and when the cashier caught him, he walked over the register and defeatedly paid for it all - with his American Express Gold Card. Oh, you Ivy League punks....

The second Uncool Kid is the JERK (highly restrained language right there...) who broke the passenger side mirror off my car. I know it was a person because that side of the car parks against a chain protecting the yard. I rarely use my car and there were drunk stupid people all over campus, probably walking by my car, too. Sadly, I don't know anything about this person, yet, except that they SUCK. And they should be worried. Because when I find out who it was, I'm going to gorilla glue their laptop to their desk. Or dangle their fingers in warm water while they sleep. Or worse.

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