Stress Relaxation

Lift flap, let stress out?

Load, then monitor strain to compensate?

Light a candle and breathe?

Write a blog entry.

Hello internet, I'm having such an awesome day that I thought I would tell you about it from a public computer terminal in the Baker Library while standing in my mud-soaked flip flops.

I just got out of Francesca's thesis presentation. She was awesome. I didn't understand a word she said. That's biology for ya... The guy sitting next to me was an evolutionary biology professor who taught my class on Dinosaurs freshman year. Real serious guy... She's giving her schpeil on a pheneology tree and he's just sitting there shaking his head. I wanted to hit him. She's a nervous girl anyway! Wait until she's done with the presentation to start being rude! And he didn't even say anything during the Q&A part.

So then I'm going back to thayer to do my 3rd of three midterms today and I decide to get a chocolate bar out of the vending machine. It gets stuck. And I hurt my back trying to shake the machine to get the damn chocolate bar. So I just buy another chocolate bar. As I reach in the machine to get it, the sleeve of my GIANT LUMBERJACK SHIRT that I'm wearing in lieu of an umbrella (which was all I could find on Andrew's desk that didn't smell like a foot) gets stuck in the machine. I felt like a homeless monkey with its fist stuck in a jar trying to get the shiny chocolate. The silver lining? I now have two chocolate bars.

And finally, the reason I don't have my umbrella: I haven't been staying in or going to my room at all because of the toxic mold growing there that nearly gave me a sinus infection before it started setting off my smoke alarm. Oh, I didn't tell you about that? You should try it someday. 'Live in neglected college domicile and die', that should be their slogan.

This weekend is Green Key. I did the math and I can afford to be un-sober for a total of 2.15 hours. Split between Saturday and Sunday.

25 days until graduation. I just did that math and when poor Lesley who walked up next to me told me there were 31 days in this month, I told her (like a 21 year old brat) "nuh uh. Thirty days hath September, APRILLLL..." She looked at me and said "Its May, Allie."

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