Nap Attack

A bunch of friends and I are up in the student offices where I probably spend 70% of my time - total time, not just time awake - and we're thinking about where would be the best place to install a hammock. Some of us think that this is a bad idea because we already spend so much time up here, that we really shouldn't encourage spending more time, but the majority of us just want to give up on ever sleeping in our beds again (or at least for the rest of this term) and make the room as comfortable as possible. I used, as a defense, that the way I fell asleep at my desk yesterday was so awful that it might even be dangerous to deny me a more comfortable spot - like a concrete floor.

I slouched down in my chair, headphones still on, and my neck bent around the whole back of the chair, such that my back was touching the chair back, and so was the back of my head - except on the other side. Do not try this at home. If it happens again, I will be sure to have one of my office-mates take a picture.

Eric responds to the room with "Yeah, I seem to remember that you have a particularly loose neck........and that sounds way more disgusting than I meant it to. What I mean is that this girl can fall asleep and her neck can bend at least 90 degrees in any direction."

Why...just Tuesday in class my head was so far below my left shoulder that all of my hair had fallen in front of it and you couldn't even tell that it was a human being in the chair anymore, just a lumpy jacket (arms tucked in) and some blond hair hanging down one side of it.

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