Weekend Fun

After an undeserved nap, followed by another unsuccessful attempt at starting the Hybrid engine, followed by a babysitting job where the grandparents came home an hour late - I went to Canoe Club. Al (Grande) asked if I wanted to meet him at the Indian place, no, the canoe place, no, Canoe Club! Indians ride in canoes, right? (There was confusion because there really are 4 South Asian/Indian places to eat in town.) I got a cheeseburger AND a creme brulee, which is weird, because people usually don't order food after 11 pm - just drinks. Hunter promptly downed his Jaeger bomb and got Red Bull in his eye.It was pitiful. Also at CC, there was a girl who I'm pretty sure was wearing a shirt as a dress, with nothing underneath so I got a picture of that for the boys, but I think it might be inappropriate to post it, even though you can't see her face. Then I played a game of pong without being warned that I would be playing against some jerk I used to date. That was awkward. But then his new girlfriend showed up and he bailed mid game. That guy has no manners. Then I played Guitar Hero. That was Friday night.

After sleeping until 11 am (even after the wake-up call I requested) I was back in the DFR shop still unsuccessful in starting the engine. When lunch came, mine was the only forgotten order. Then I sat down on an upside-down plastic storage bin, and the bottom fell through, so my butt was stuck in the walls of the bin. This might have been embarrassing if I hadn't, in the process of falling backwards, smashed my head on the corner of the fat, steel welding table potentially cracking my skull and procuring a mild concussion. The bruise is awful. I can't sleep facing the ceiling. I babysat for the same people again, after throwing an 8-quart vat of Cincinnati Chili on the stove. They showed up two hours late, without notice. Luckily, the chili didn't burned to the bottom of the pan. In my hurry on the way out, I'd forgotten to put Oliver back in his cage and he wreaked havoc on my room. So I self-soothed by playing more Guitar Hero.

Sunday morning I got a phone call while I was still asleep, so I was annoyed that someone would be calling so early. When I looked at the clock, I was shocked to realize it was 12:30 in the afternoon. (This sleeping thing is getting out of hand, maybe I have mono again??) It was Al, Hunter, Scott, and Sandy (who I haven't seen since last year) saying "We're in your parking lot! Let us in! We heard you made chili! We're hungry!" So I feed some cool kids some chili in my pajamas. It was classy. I can't figure out how to load this picture not sideways, so I'm going to leave it there and die a little inside every time I look at it until I figure it out.
Sunday night I had a lot of work to do, so naturally I had a blow-out fight with the boy I'm dating and instead of doing work, drowned myself in a pint of mint chocolate cookie. And the engine still won't start.

Wake me up when this term is over.

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