Crazy Sh*t I Have Seen In The Last Ten Minutes

1.) A kid all bundled up coming from the direction of the freshman dorms towards the bus station, looking very much like he wanted to get the heck out of here and go home for Thanksgiving, dragging his wheeled suitcase behind him. I say 'dragging' because there are now two inches of snow on the ground and he was literally hauling the suitcase through the snow, building up a huge pile under the suitcase and also dragging that with him. I don't think the wheels were even touching the ground. Just pick it up, dude.

2.) Some girl walking down Tuck Mall in short-shorts, calf socks, a sweatshirt, scarf and hat, complaining to her friend that she couldn't find her fleece-lined hat. "And I cavity searched my room for that, too!" Maybe the warmer hat wouldn't be an issue if you had pants on.

Dartmouth makes me happy, but it also shocks how STUPID some of the world's best and brightest can be. Lastly, hooray!! First snow!!

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Anonymous said...

The well of stupid never goes dry