Grad Student Semi-Formal

After spending 10 hours on Saturday in my ripped up jeans building a wiring diagram for the hybrid, I considered wearing my Carhartts and safety glasses to the formal, but since I've been really bad about dressing up for anti-casual Fridays, I dressed up. It was supposed to be have an 80's theme, but I gave away all my 80's garb when I graduated so I just wore the same dress in which I was mistaken for a hooker at the Casino last month. I took Erin as my date since we are doing a bad job of hanging out this year now that I don't live in the sorority anymore. If you work really hard and look past my shoulder, you can see how cute we looked.
Erin and I awkwardly talked to the S&S officers patrolling the event for 20 minutes while we waited for my Thayer friends to show up. In the meantime, the officer called Erin out for carrying a BOWL of vodka around the living room at Theta two summers ago. It was awesome; great memory on that guy. My Thayer friends channeled Ron Burgundy. It worked frighteningly well, and I'm not even mad, that's amazing.
I had a great (and much-needed) time dancing, and began the long hike to the afterparty, on which two of my friends wrestled each other and one got his face scraped across the ice. The same kid who scraped the other's face across the snow later punched my Indian friend in the mouth once we got to the house, to which he reacted with "THAT'S ****ED UP, MAN! That's ****ed up. If I hit you back I would GET DEPORTED!!"

We played pong in the basement for a short while, until we realized the basement wasn't heated and it was 5 degrees outside. Upstairs in the rest of the party, I was introduced to the neighbor of a friend who immediately exclaimed "Your boobs look FABULOUS, by the way!" to Erin, and when she gave him a look he said "What?? I'm a gay, non-engineer! I can say whatever I want!" Around 1:30 Erin and I headed home and made it as far as the local CVS before we needed to making a de-numbing stop. Back outside we asked a police officer who happened to be idling in the parking lot for a ride home, and we got one! I never knew how uncomfortable the backseats of police cruisers were, and I am not a large person. I hope I never get arrested.

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