You Know You're An Engineer When...

So last year around this time, I got this courtesy of the Tribe in celebration of our recognition anniversary.

Two days ago I ordered eight toggle-handled circuit breakers for the dashboard on the Hybrid. Its a switch, fuse, and relay all in one! So much less wiring to do!!

This morning I got an email from the instrument room at Thayer that said I had a package from UPS waiting for me to pick up. I got to Thayer and picked it up, thrilled that I might get the wiring on the Hybrid done before I leave for NYC tonight because I wasn't actually expecting them to arrive until Monday. I rip into the box, noting that its contents take up significantly less space than I thought eight circuit breakers might. I get to the actual goods and they are wrapped in tissue paper - tissue paper with "Tiffany&Co" stamped lightly all over it. WTF? Why would the airparts store wrap my circuit breakers in Tiffany tissue paper?

Then I get it - this is not at all the package I was expecting, but this year's gift from the Tribe. Never in my life did I think I'd be so disappointed to open a box from Tiffany&Co, but I really, really wanted those stupid breakers.

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