Blatant Self Call

I have officially joined the ranks of The Employed; at least for the summer!

I will be taking up a position as an Electrical Engineer (Intern, to start) at a CleanTech start-up company near Boston shortly after graduation. They aren't paying me a whole heck of a lot, for a double-ivy-league grad, but it is a start-up and if all goes well, I could totally be a high roller in five years!!

This job was the only one, ever, for which I wrote a real, actual cover letter. I suppose when I put my mind to it, I kick ass. And I REALLY wanted this job. I swear they must have talked to my mom, my dad, my grandma, my advisor, and Santa Clause before they posted this job so that it would appeal perfectly and only to ME. I did backflips just reading the position's description: They want me to know electronics, control theory, and electrical theory, but they also want me to be able to machine, wire, or build anything and everything, test to my heart's desire, and be an excited, young mind. "Must be hands-on." I may as well have written that for myself! Not to mention I'll saving the world in doing it all.

The company is only 6 employees right now (I'll be lucky number 7!), working in a tiny, mildly heated garage in the suburbs. I was pretty much sold after the phone interview when my future boss ended the conversation with "I'm not telling you what to do here...but when you come down...its just going to be the six of us standing around in the garage with our blue jeans and t-shirts...soo, really, I'm not telling you what to do, but you don't need to dress up on our account." And when I asked him if that meant that I didn't need to bleach the pink dye out of my hair, he laughed and said I could keep the dye.

I'll tell you what it is I'm actually working on once we deliver the first product in August. Here's a hint: It smells like poop!


Anonymous said...

Thats AWESOME Allie!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Congratulations lover. Please please PLEASE explain poop stoves to everyone you know, over pizza and beer.