Saturday At The Fort

Putting the new camera-toy to good use during bloom season has gone swimmingly, but not nearly as well as snapping about 600 shots of this adorable little princess.

We walked to Fort Shantok (on the reservation) Saturday while killing time waiting for The Boy's bus to leave for NYC. (There was a party Friday night at the Hotel for a friend's birthday, so he came up to visit after the rest of us ran up a $433 tab at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Fresh raspberry muddled mojitos!!) I would have joined her, but I was wearing a dress and I don't think that is socially acceptable at age 22.

Afterwards, I stuck around for Farmer John's Birthday Dinner. I might be the worst step-daughter in the world, since I wasn't aware of any birthdays at all until I arrived at my mom's house mid-afternoon. Sorry, John! Happy Birthday!!

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