Rare Instances In Which College Students Make Total Asses of Themselves

1. Guy X is hanging out with Girl Y at Girl Y's old sorority and they go into a room full of new people where there is a Rubik's cube sitting on the floor in the middle of them. Guy X can solve these. He decides it would be funny to "play dumb" and solve the cube to show off. He gets really into it, too. "Wow! What is this? I've never seen one of these before!! So you just make all the sides the same color??" And the new people are all ignoring him. He finishes the cube and repeats "I've never seen one of these before!" About 2 seconds later he learns that all the new people are math majors and they can all solve it and are completely unimpressed.

2. Girl Y is sitting in class where she regularly falls asleep; this time with her head over the back of the chair and her jaw hanging open. And then she yells in her sleep. So loudly, in fact, that it shocks her back into consciousness and Guy Z sitting next to her sees the entire ordeal and starts belly laughing in the middle of class. And it was more accurately described as a very loud moan than a yell. And it was a very small class.

This is all I have right now. Email me or comment if you think of ones that I should add.

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