Happy 4th of July, Indeed

I woke up a little late this morning, and started stressing about getting on the road for work, even more anxious because I got to work VERY late yesterday, as well.

I took a fast shower and threw on the first clothes I could find from the still unpacked duffle I took to Sunny Southern California last week. I, obviously, get stuck in some traffic because city highways blow goats. I roll into our three-car-garage office and my boss is sitting at his desk wearing board shorts and flip flops, beer in hand. This is when I calm down. (I should mention, however, that the shorts and flip flops are not atypical. I wear my giant gay 12-year-old-boy cargo shorts on a regular basis.)

I put in a few orders for stuff we're going to need to upgrade our pilot system next week, and then my boss decided that the other engineer and I finally need to see the full-size alpha system that our contractors are in progress building for us. It is about a 20 minute drive, and we're there checking it out for about 10 minutes, because we already know what the system is supposed to look like, we just haven't seen it in real life, full size. So, it held about 10 minutes worth of excitement for us.

On the drive back, he asks if we play golf. Yes, obviously, everyone plays golf. The only differentiation between golfers is how stupid your clothes look and how much you suck at it. I am mediocre, but not bad. So the three of us drive a jumbo bucket of balls before we head back to work.

About 10 minutes after I roll back into the office, the CEO tells me to quit working with them and go home. I have a mild heart attack since they fired one of the employees while I was gone last week and I only realized this yesterday. He continues "I should have given you the day off anyway, but I forgot. Most companies get the day before the 4th of July off, and since the 4th is a Friday, you get Friday off, too. We're just too small to have a vacation policy."

So after 3 hours of "work" I went home with enough energy to clean my neglected apartment and received an unexpected package from the UPS man. It was a gift; a hammock from my dear old Daddy-O! For my balcony! And he would be arriving shortly via Logan Airport! So he could help me hang it! And tomorrow I have skybox seats at the Doobie Bros. & Chicago concert. Hope if you read this, that your Independence Day was quite as enjoyable as mine.

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