Life is Hard

I've been terrible about posting, I know, I apologize. But you would be slacking on the internet, too, if you had an apartment to paint, clean, unpack, furnish, and organize AND a full-time job with a 30 minute commute when there is ZERO traffic. There is ALWAYS traffic on my way home; I've taken to Harry Potter books on tape. NPR is next. I'm sure you understand.

What have I been up to? Pretty much trying to put my apartment (and life) together here in Boston and get settled in my job. I had my review (The company tells me whether or not they want to hire me full time or just keep me for the summer) yesterday, so I've been pretty nervous about that. I also am still on the most-unhealthy college student sleeping schedule, since I never had a transition period. THIS is my transition period.

I am out of my apartment from 8 am until about 7 pm almost every day, then I try to relax for a little while before going on an unpacking or online-shopping frenzy. I don't clean very often. This is a point of frustration for my beloved roommate, B, but she isn't in much of a position to do anything about it as she not only works full time as well, but she is taking pre-med classes. And I've been traveling almost every weekend, or had more visitors than my tiny apartment can handle. At least I've been doing laundry. However, B is doing all the cooking, because I have somehow lost that ability. I finally made her a dinner last week; boxed mac & cheese and sliced hot dogs. I am a pro-chef.

This weekend past, however, I had one of the most relaxing weekends of my entire life. Which was good, considering my upcoming review. I drove out to NY state to hang by the pool (see pool, by lake, below) with my freshman and eat the food his wonderful parents cooked for us. Homemade breakfast sandwiches. Oh! And they have a giant treehouse, with a big rope swing. As for the job review - they decided that they don't want to decide, yet. I am extremely happy with this, because I have another month to prove that I CAN bring my A-game. Bring it on. I'm just sayin'.

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