Mixed Feelings

Barack Obama is going to be the 44th President of the Unites States. I could NOT be happier about this. He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and patriotic inside. He's smart, he's a good speaker, he thinks with his brain, he's inspiring rather than just accusatory, and boy are his kids cute. He'll be a good leader.

However, I am SHOCKED at the number of selfish, uneducated, horrible people in California, Arizona, Arkansas, and Florida. Especially CA and AR. I understand that many people don't want to redefine marriage as between anything other than one man and one woman, but allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry doesn't change anything about your marriage. And you don't have to criminalize other "versions" of a marriage. What happens when a couple flies out to Cape Cod and gets legally married and then brings their gay marriage cooties back to your state? What saddens me most, though, is Arkansas' choice to ban gay couples from adopting children. This is HORRIBLE. First, nothing that happens between gay couples affect ANYTHING to do with the "Yes" voters' lives. Secondly, if those voters are so concerned with the homosexual orientation in the first place, they should note that voting against their rights will not make them any less homosexual. Love is universal. Not just reserved for the hetero. And to be able to pass that love onto a child is a both a privilege and a responsibility (Darwinism, and all). There are plenty of kids out there who need safe, loving homes that don't have them. And if you want to shrink their chances of obtaining one because you think the perfectly capable gay couples shouldn't have that right, then you really are horrible. And selfish. It really doesn't affect you in the slightest.

Also, I can imagine that most of those voters are 'anti-choice' as well. Logically, if more women (hetero, I'm certain, if they are pregnant) are having unwanted children, there will be more children available for adoption. Use your brains, people.

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