This Is Funny

Last week while I had my sinus infection, I stayed mostly at my mom's house, so she could take care of me, instead of my aunt&uncle's house like I usually do. She did a good job. I got clean sheets and everything. And I'm feeling a million times better. Occasionally, I'd still drop by my aunt&uncle's house to hang out with anyone who happened to have the day off from work or school. One night we all convened there for dinner while I was still feeling pretty sick (please excuse The Ugly) and the kids jumped on my computer, as they are wont to do, like white on rice. Apple's Photobooth application is a favorite pastime of ours. Below we have cousin Claudia, 13, being the total Diva that she is and me, 23, making a face and drooling on Claudia's arm, then trying to recover, then pointing out the drool on Claudia's arm, and finally laughing at her reaction to it.

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