No, I Don't Have Better Things To Do

I just don't feel like posting every day anymore. I sleep probably 60% of most days, and follow my boy around being a doting girlfriend 20% of the time, and the other 20% I split between eating, applying for more jobs, showering, my photo projects, and catching up on 30Rock, Prison Break, and The Office. Note that I am still not working out.

The one fun story I have for you today is that on Saturday, my mom called and woke me up at noon to tell me that she wanted to come up to Boston for dinner and to see my apartment. I was in Hanover. In 3 hours, I loaded the car, took some pictures at Shop Day (DFR), and convinced Paul to come down, too, and skip out on his frat basement for the night. Farmer John has wanted to try out the Hilltop Steakhouse and Butchershop since his Thanksgiving trip to Texas last year where it was recommended to him and his love for red meat. We made it happen, and they brought the kids, too.

It was awesome. I had a filet because I can't eat more than 8 oz. of anything except chocolate at a time and I don't eat red meat very often anymore. We also demolished two onion blossoms and a bunch of IBC Root Beer. The highlights were the placemats - exceptionally thorough cartoons of how and where to slice your cow, and driving the 30 minutes from my apartment with two of us stuffed in the back of the minivan on the floor with sleeping bags because my mother had removed some of the seats.

Then the kids spent the night, and I let them (and Paul) stay up until 2 am playing World of Warcraft because I'm a terrible babysitter. We woke up around 10, which is exactly when we needed to leave to meet my mother halfway - in Worcester - to drop off the kids before taking my College Student back to school to study for his exam (today). I am embarrassed to admit that I actually said the words "If we don't leave NOW, you won't get Starbucks!!". We didn't leave then but they still got their Starbucks (see today's Daily Photo), and because I am my mother's daughter, she was even later than we were.

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**corection: best "baby"sitter EVERRR**