Another New Kitten

Two weeks ago when I came to my mother's house, there was a crate sitting in the middle of the living room and it had an unrecognizable small cat in it. Later, I was informed that this was Hobo (a.k.a. Hobobobobobo), a stray they'd found living under the raccoon's winter condo. They trapped him and took him to a vet, who determined that he was about 12 weeks old and gave him a healthy de-worming-and-bugging. He has since gotten used to the residing rabbit, dog, 4 other cats, and people. He's very skittish, and runs away from us when we try to pick him up, but when we do catch him, he remembers that he actually LOVES people and will let us pet and play with him for hours. And he'll attack every other animal in the house with a swat to the face. The cats will either ignore him or attack him back, the rabbit sits there looking confused, and the dog gets stressed out and whines. He is absolutely adorable, and very lovable. And he likes to get his picture taken, which is great for me. Here he is watching "The Ultimate Cat Video" on youtube, and eating Momostupid's ear.
Currently, he is hiding under the chair I'm sitting in, purring.

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