I did two things of note yesterday. The first being that after a grand total of 354.5 hours throughout a year and a half, I finally got my Blood Elf Warlock, Erilynn, to level 70 in the World of Warcraft. Had the new expansion of the game not come out 2 months ago, pushing the highest possible level to 80, this would be huge. However, since I'm pretty pathetic at the game, I still consider this a big accomplishment.

Good timing, I think, since now I can spend more time going to the gym and paying attention to my NEW JOB!! Which, incidentally, is not yesterday's other success. This is:
No, I did not make that certificate for myself, and yes that has already been suggested to me. I have two others for Chemical Hygiene Training and Hazardous Waste Training. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I did print them out and pin them to the wall above my desk.

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Anonymous said...

Good. Now when I pour the stuff on my face youll know what to do!! I used to do that in high school. It freaked all my teachers out.