I Would Have Pretended to be Deaf

On the T on the way to work this morning, the train wasn't terribly crowded for once, which was nice. I had on my crappy headphones, since no nice ones fit my ears with my stupid "edgy" piercings, jamming to M.I.A. Somewhere around BU, this scraggly old bald-on-top man dragging his backpack through the salty slush on the floor got on the train and hit the guy sitting across the aisle from me on the arm yelling "HEY! TURN THAT DOWN!"

You would have thought the guy was blasting Tupac on his 3-foot boombox to the whole city. No, he had his music playing privately into his headphones. When I paused Miss Maya, I couldn't even tell what song it was. I'm pretty sure by sheer virtue of the music being played through personal headphones makes it none of the old man's business if he thinks the kid is killing his own hearing. Plus, is his hearing really that good still that it was disturbing? Nobody ever tells the crazy homeless people or soulful fat black men to stop singing so loudly...

So, Dear Grumpy Old Man With Bad Hair;
Don't hit people. Don't stand next to the kid with the loud headphones (yeah, he wasn't even sitting). Lastly, deal with it. You're living in a huge city and its not like the T is a perfectly silent method of transportation anyway. Or just turn your hearing aids down.
Love, Allie

In Summary, the T sucks. I can think of no other mode of paid transportation that takes 70 minutes to get me 4.1 miles.

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