An Eclectic Jumble Of Nothing

I woke up this morning with rabbit poop in my bed and a sore throat and a runny nose.

I am wearing the pair of boots I've owned since 8th grade (10 years). They look perfectly well-loved and intact, for sassy thug princess boots. The only other thing I own that is that old (with the exception of my pieces of antique furniture) is my snowboard, which I finally broke this season.

I tried to pay for my $6 breakfast with a credit card, but the machine was new and the lady couldn't figure it out. She tried until the line was out the door of the coffee shop with people encouragingly cheering her on, then she asked me for cash.

I have officially been diagnosed with ADHD.

I love my new job. So much that I got a crapload done yesterday and now can't think of anything to do until my boss gets back from Singapore tomorrow afternoon. I designed a giant "Industrial Erector Set."

Oh, look at the kitty!

There is not enough sugar in my tea, but I don't know where they hide it in my office and the administrative assistant is out of town, too.

MIT sells banners in their bookshop that say "Nerd Pride."

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