9-Year-Olds Leave The Best Voicemails

"awwww, Allie I wanted to talk to you! Congratulations and ask you how your first day of work went... Also, House is on right now!! At this moment! The time now is 8:06. Okkaaaayyy, Love you, byebye. Love you, byebye. Buh-bye, Love you! ...Love you. ...Bye."

"Hi, Allie! I wanted to tell you that when Bunny was still here, HE ATE MY HAT! There's little bite marks on it and everything. I love you. Ok, I love you byebye. Love you. Love you."

"Hi Allieeeee! [Something I can't understand] and Happy Valentine's Day 5 days early. And I had a FAIL at the CVS Shop today. I thought the van next to us that was blue was ours so I started yanking on the handle WILDLY! [incessant giggling] ...ohhh, I had a fail... A HARD fail. Yeah. Buh bye! I love you! Happy Early Valentine's day again. Bye. LOVEYOU!"

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