Valentine's Day Dinner

Somebody had big Valentine's Day plans in New York City this weekend, but then he realized that my weekend rehearsal schedule meant we had to be in Boston on Valentine's Day. Obviously this is devastating because of Boston's inferior palate. So I thought perhaps I'd make a delicious meal for my darling gentleman, since he is the one usually cooking for me. And it was also my fault that his plans were ruined.

Around 7 pm on Saturday, after french toast breakfast in Connecticut, driving back to Boston, rehearsal, playing video games, touring MIT, renting movies, and generally goofing off, I decided I should probably start cooking. I was all set to go (with maybe a call or two to Mom for tips) and started collecting my ingredients. Much to my disappointment, I pulled out the ground beef I'd been saving to notice it was startlingly...brown. Even all the juice was brown (and this was one of those fancy vacuum-sealed packages. The sell-by-date was Feb 10th. Nix Meatloaf. Because I can think of nothing less romantic than spending Valentine's Day latenight on the toilet.

So, instead, this was dinner
World's Lamest Girlfriend award goes to...ME!

At least I sort of made up for it today by 1) having the day off and 2) unexpectedly walking right by a restaurant called Finale that I'd read about a few days earlier while looking for a place to eat lunch. It is mostly a bakery and dessert shop, but the sandwiches were delicious, even if we did wait 20 minutes for sandwiches that took 40 seconds to eat. I liken them to roller coasters, which I also love. The fruit & cream tart made me happy. That is all I can say. It was a happy tart. The creme brulee and chocolate decadence cake were also good.

[Edit] I forgot to mention that B and Paulie collaborated on dinner Sunday night to make the most delicious white bolognese with pasta and tomato/mozzarella/fresh basil appetizers I could ever imagine. They are awesome. And I napped the entire time they were cooking.

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