Thank You For Keeping Your Paper Until I'm Finished

I woke up bright and early this morning, feeling pumped and ready to turn on some GirlTalk and go build some cool stuff at work. A lady asked me timidly if she could have a quarter, since she forgot her Charlie Card, and I happily obliged. The train I got on decided to run Express. It was the making of a perfect morning.

And then my chest started going numb and my head got dizzy. When the blood drained out of my face, I squatted down to the floor, and everyone within 5 feet of me moved as far away as they could on the chock-full train. Right as we pulled into my stop, I sprinted off the train right to the nearest trash can and proceeded to empty the nothing from my stomach. Lucky for me, the liner was fairly fresh and smelling of mostly just the metro papers that people have no use for once they're off the T. I even had full view of an untouched Sudoku puzzle to work on.

It took about 20 minutes, but I could finally breathe and think normally again, even though I was now slightly soaked in my own cold sweat. A quick stop to Starbucks, and I was on my way. ...Should be a fun day of work...

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Unknown said...

Twice in one week? Maybe a doctor visit is in order?