As long as I'm not the worst off...

I was sitting on the T on the way to work watching House on the iPod (LOVE going to work in the morning this way), and we made it as far as BU before the train stopped moving, and eventually the conductor says "There's been a blackout in the tunnels and NO train is moving on ANY line. You're welcome to wait with us, but you can also get on that bus across the street." That bus would have only taken me 3 more stops, and it filled up with everyone else from the train anyway, so I opted to walk the rest of the way to work (about 2 miles).

At the very least, the street was still pretty well covered in shade so I could see my iPod screen, but no sooner did I realize it was a little warmer than I originally thought when I heard screaming behind me, turned to see two guys in suits on bicycles CRASH INTO EACH OTHER in the middle of an intersection causing traffic to come to a DEAD stop, backing up for about three lights. That bus wasn't going ANYWHERE. :-)

I turned around and saw that both guys were able to stand up eventually, so I don't have to feel guilty about this post.

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