Dartmouth Summer v 5.0

For all my Dartophile readers: It is Paulie's Sophomore Summer! And I have finally made time in my busy schedule to come spend a weekend with him and *shudders* sleep in a frat house. It also happens to be Parent's Weekend, so I've met a few "fellow adults" and when they realize I'm just visiting, they ask if I go to another school, and I tell them "No, I graduated from here two years ago" and then because they noticed I'm with Paul, they assume I must be his older sister. Well, on the upside at least this means we keep our PDA to a healthy minimum. There've been BBQs galore and the weather has been gorgeous and I know exactly what I want on the menu from any shop we walk past, and basically, Its good to be home.

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Unknown said...

It is good to be home wherever that may be, sometimes we have more than one. Do we get a picture of Paulie's black eye?