I got a voicemail yesterday from my uncle saying that he and my cousins were only an hour away at Okemo Ski Resort for two days. I had a lot of work yet due. Bummer. But this morning when I woke up, nothing in the world was going to stop me from finally breaking out my snowboard. Work be damned; the sky was blue and I was psyched. I thought that perhaps Okemo was like the Disney World of North Country because I haven't seen that many small children in one place since....New Year's Eve, but Erin pointed out for me that most public schools within 5 hours are on vacation this week. This was great because I like little kids for the following reasons:

  1. (in tears) "But DADDYYYYY, you said we could go TO THE WAFFLE HAUS!!!"
  2. "NO, mommy, we CAN'T STOP, I want to go THAT WAY!!!!"
    "But honey, mommy has to put her gloves back on and doesn't want you to fall."
  3. "Kids, come over here - you can't block the entire trail." (ski school instructor. It was flat where they were stopped and if you've ever snowboarded, you understand why I pushed one of them over to keep going.)
  4. "Oopsy! I spilled my french fries!" (which probably had cost $8 or more)
  5. "Noooo! I'm tired. I want to go down the easy way." (easy = flat)
  6. And finally - the never old beating of one another with sticks. Or ski poles.
  7. [Edit] "Daaaaaad! My ski fell off!!" (from the lift)

Sometimes all you need is a little mental break from your routine. It certainly made me happy. I even hit at least two trees and it still made me happy.

Today I learned that if you plan to make use of someone else's skills, you should probably check that they actually possess those skills.

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