A day in My Life At Home greatly resembles this game because I am the oldest of my Grandmother's 24 grand-children. Today, six of us and my aunt went to Lake Compounce - America's Oldest Theme Park! Pretty good, all things considered, especially for a mere hour's drive to roller coasters AND water park and free soda all day. And they had the Pirate Ship Ride. You can never go wrong with the Pirate Ship Ride. You can, however, go wrong with a Lazy River where you aren't allowed out of your tube, or in any position other than sitting up with your legs hanging out of the tube, and really, you can't even touch the walls or anyone else in the river without six lifeguard whistles blasting in your face.

After I told the kid who coated himself in powdered sugar that the bees were going to attack him, my aunt told him to "Go take a dump in the pool."
Because, obviously, dumping is what you do when you are either jumping or diving.

On our way to the pool, I hear "Don't play with your fat in public!" and find that the source for such shenanigans is again MY family. I decided this was a good opportunity to teach them to belly-bump in greeting, rather than handshake.

And then all 5 kids want to go on different rides and start running in different directions, and this is where the whac-a-mole analogy is really apparent for those untrained in Pre-Teen [ages 8-12] Control Tactics.

And later, at home, they're sitting in front of the TV so wholly absorbed in Halo 2 that the phrase "Somebody get me a paper towel; I drooled on the floor." merits almost no attention whatsoever other than an "alright, someone pause the game." But then, "going commando" merits giggling like a little girl.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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