On Responsibilities

I was babysitting two cousins and a sister last night at my mom's house while she and Farmer John went on a date and Uncle and Aunt both had to work. When it was dinnertime, the four of us agreed on Annie's (we are obviously related in more ways than just our blond hair and blue eyes).

When I asked Gwen to "Please fetch me a spoon, darling." so that I could eat mine she obliged, but when she picked up a spoon out of the clean silverware drawer was appalled to find a small piece of lettuce dried and stuck to the spoon. THE SPOON IN THE CLEAN DRAWER WAS STILL DIRTY!!!

I hear her scream from the kitchen "ARGH!! JOOOOOHN!"

"What's wrong, Gwen?"

"UGH! There was a SPOON in the drawer with FOOD still on it, and since John is the ONLY one who does the dishes in this house, I know that IT IS HIS FAULT!!!"

"Well, it seems to me that if John is the only one doing the dishes in a house where FIVE people are consistently dirtying them, if he misses one, its not really that big of a mistake. How about you step up and wash that ONE dirty spoon, little Miss Cleanliness Inspector."

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