My Keeper

This boyfriend I have, he's very cute. And exceptionally lucky is the fact that we are both very close with our own families, and also quite fond of each other's families.

Some time recently, he accompanied me to a Family Dinner at aunt&uncle's house (I have been to a lot of those lately, being unemployed and all...) and after dinner, he offered to help clean up. A dinner for 10 people tends to have a lot of mess in the making and dishes dirtied. My uncle, though, is a dish devour-er, and didn't really need the help. So, to not disappoint my eager young friend, he gave him a piece of clean tupperware to put out of his way in the tupperware cabinet.

When he opened the cabinet door, a few pieces of plastic or lids fell out onto the floor, so my uncle had the brilliant idea to tell my darling boy to busy himself by organizing it.

My aunt, whose kitchen it really is, was enjoying her after-dinner conversation and not paying much attention to this cleaning up. When she mopped and disinfected the following morning and I went downstairs for breakfast, she had noticed the clean tupperware cabinet and exclaimed to me "Did you see the tupperware cabinet?? He's a keeper!!" And my aunt? She is a tough lady from whom to gain approval.

He's also got those gorgeous hazel eyes...

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